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Stories that made Anaga Resort

The protagonist of this story is called Elisabeth and was born in Holland in February 1946. At 24 years old, Elisabeth was inspired by the enthusiasm of her sister Lydia, who already lived in Punta del Hidalgo, Tenerife, where she settled with her husband Co and their children Marjolein and Luke.

Elisabeth came to spend a vacation with her family and also fell in love with the island and the energy it exuded. She met Pedro, who would later become her life partner and also her partner. 

They had a very particular vision of creating a holiday complex near the sea and the Anaga mountains in the late 80s, a holiday complex in which they actively participated from the laying of the first brick.

The holiday complex consisted of 65 apartments, a swimming pool, restaurant and a wellness center, with views of the sea, the mountains and the imposing TEIDE.

Thanks to Elisabeth's outgoing personality, her charisma, her energy and her joy, she became known to many people. Guests who came to stay at the resort were infected by the charm and magic of the island and the hospitality of this energetic woman. She used to tell many stories about the island and its inhabitants, stories that caught the attention of the guests and made them return to visit the next year and the next and so on.

The Resort became a place that offered a time of rest, relaxation, good food and very pleasant company.

Her sister Lydia, her brother-in-law Co, her niece Marjolein and her nephew Luke visited her continually. They often stayed at the complex for long periods of time. On many occasions Co and Lydia made friends with many repeat guests. They all felt like a big family. Lydia, like her sister Elisabeth, breathed energy and magic when she came to Tenerife and especially to Atlantis Park in Punta del Hidalgo, this was for Lydia a "place full of charm where she felt happy."

Lydia was born in November 1940 in Holland like her husband Co, Co's relationship with Elisabeth was very close, Co was like her older brother, he used to travel around the world with his family due to his profession as an aeronautical engineer, he He got to know many countries where his children Marjolein (Luxembourg) and Luke (Congo) were even born. Co and Lydia had fantastic stories and stories that they shared with Elisabeth every time they saw her and the relationship and connection between the three of them was very strong.

2019 was a sad year for the family, Lydia died in May and Elisabeth died in July.

Until her last days, Elisabeth was involved in the operation of the hotel and was always present at all the hotel's events, radiating energy and spreading her enormous smile and desire to live to others. One of Elisabeth's greatest wishes was for the hotel to remain in the family and for the staff to keep their jobs. These wishes have been fulfilled, family members, Luke and Marjolein, her sister's children, are the ones who now continue their aunt's legacy.

For Marjolein, Elisabeth was the adventurous aunt with contagious energy and many interesting stories, Marjolein tried to visit her aunt whenever she could and whenever she passed through Tenerife. Marjolein is now married to Derek, with whom she shares four children, and they live in New Zealand.

Marjolein's brother, Luke, also likes adventure and especially surfing, he feels very attracted to what the north of Tenerife represented and what it represents in his life. Luke is married to Rebecca and they have two children. They currently live in Australia.

The entire Co family, Marjolein, Derek, Luke and Rebecca are committed to fulfilling Elisabeth's wishes to continue with the Atlantis Park Resort in Punta del Hidalgo, to continue the magical story that was created more than 50 years ago, to continue the adventure of the service, to continue offering a little magic to those who visit Atlantis Park and to maintain the spark that was created by an inspiring woman, full of ideas and passion for life five decades ago and, especially, to keep the complex in the family.